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Monday, 28 February 2011

Beautification challenge!

So today Ernie and Taiter did my makeup...and sort of did my hair (see videos!)...I think they were afraid of using the curling iron and straightener...and maybe I should have been afraid too but regardless they did what they had to do. I was beautified E&T style! So Almighty t-shirt, makeup and all I show up at work and find out...it's casual day! phew! As I walk into work, those who knew about the contest couldn't wait to see the wonderful makeover I had gotten and those who didn't have a clue didn't quite look at me quite the same. One of the girls at work even told me my mascara was running...hahaha...too funny!

I have to admit, I did not readily look at people in the eye when passing by in the hallways like I usually do...but at some points I had to...and some people didn't even react. Quite interesting when I have crazy eye makeup going on and people act as if it is completely normal...or maybe they say nothing and think "Oh my!!! what was she thinking!?!" or "She must have had a rough night!" 

at least my son didn't give me funny looks. :-) He knows his mama no matter what I have on.