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Friday, 4 March 2011


This week so far has been such an awesome experience...but this is definitely the topper! When Mandy announced my daily challenge, the only thing I heard was "people are going to see you naked in the paper".

Like many women, I'm not so crazy about my body. I have a great personality, great skills and a decent looking girl...but my body is a whole different story. I don't like looking at myself naked, and I certainly didn't want others seeing me naked. Hence why the one thing I wouldn't do for this challenge is get naked in public...or is it??

Daniel St-Louis has a wonderful and warm personality. He is very professional and just a bit...silly! hahaha I truly enjoyed his style and professionalism. When I went in to the studio, my attitude was all or nothing and although I was still very conscious of the parts of my body that I'm not so crazy about, I was surprisingly very comfortable. And after going through the photo shoot, it suddenly dawned on me that although this was a positive experience so far, it had yet to be published in the paper for EVERYONE to see! I was nervous to know which picture they would pick and if it would be something that I would feel comfortable with.

I couldn't have been happier with the result. I am beautiful. I am happy. I am proud. My imperfections are perfect and suddenly nothing else matters. I conquered a big fear today...and was rewarded 10 fold. No amount of money can bring me the pride and love I am feeling right now...and it's not about being barely nude in public...it's about embracing who I am inside and out!

The response from everyone has been overwhelming and I feel truly thankful to have had this experience. I love reading all of the responses and feel ALL the love!! Thank you!!!


  1. Chantal, you are absolutely beautiful and amazing, not to mention an inspiration to many women out there!

    I’m nineteen, in first year university, and I know I wouldn’t have gone through with this challenge. I’m the girl who wears the t-shirts & sweaters (not the cute tops) because I’m not crazy about my body. I’ve got the personality, and I’d say I’m pretty enough, but like you said – my body is a completely different story. We live in such an image driven society that I’ve never really been able to be 100% comfortable in my own skin.

    To be honest, I was blown away when I heard that you decided to go through with the challenge, simply because I myself couldn’t fathom doing it. We don’t usually get the paper, but I went out to get it just because I was so shocked. I have to say, you are absolutely beautiful inside AND out. You looked incredibly gorgeous and confident in the paper, and after reading your blog I cannot stop smiling.

    You are truly an inspiration. I can’t stop thinking that if you can get up the courage to pose nearly nude in a paper, and be able to embrace yourself inside and out, then I can certainly strive to do the same (though I’ll leave the posing to you- I know I wouldn’t be ready for that!). So, I think today I’ll wear one of the cute shirts I have hidden in my closet, and I’ll do it for no one but myself.

    Thank you so much, Chantal. They couldn’t have picked a better Chosen One.

    (: xo

  2. Bee...you have NO idea what your words mean to me. I had instant tears in my eyes because having inspired you makes it ALL worthwhile.

    When applying for this contest, of course I was thinking about how much I could benefit from it...but I am quickly (and very quickly) realizing that it is about SO much more then just me...this contest is truly life-changing for me...and hopefully for others!

    YOU GO GIRL! Wear what makes you feel good! Be proud of being who you are and let it shine through your face, you smile, your walk and your clothes! BE YOU!...because you are great the way you are! Sure we all need to work on something...but be happy with who you are RIGHT NOW!! :-)

    Thank you thank you thank you for your wonderful message...it means THE WORLD to me!!!

    Now it's your turn to inspire others...I know you can do it...one step at a time!! :-)