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Sunday, 13 March 2011

HAHAHA...to be or not to be funny...

I am the worst at remembering jokes. Unless I heard it numerous times, it doesn't stick...ever! So knowing that I had to go in front of people and tell 5 minutes worth of jokes...not cool. When I sang O'Canada, I knew the song already...all I had to do was sing it and get it over with. But this!...this was different. This was content AND delivery. I had to work that day, do some homework AND get my act done for the show. Sorry Ernie, but I wasn't going to memorize this stuff...not going to happen! I racked my brain all day trying to figure out what to do...my dad had suggestions, ppl at work had ideas...but I really felt like it had to be something from me...and because I am so proud of being a woman and that this contest has made me even prouder of being myself...and because it was international woman's day on Tuesday, I figured I'd go with a bit of PRO-WOMAN content. 

I walk into Jokers and it's close to empty. YIKES!! Now, not sure about all of you, but the less people, the less chances you get laughs..so I was hoping for lots of people...so the postponed the show for a bit and a few more ppl start trickling in...finally a decent crowd. I was sooo nervous that I couldn't even focus on conversations that people wanted to have with me. I was trying to focus on how I wanted to start and changed my mind about a million times. I had my cue cards ready...I knew what joke I wanted to end with...I was just gonna GET'ER DONE!

AND I DID!! I got up on stage and started talking and felt a bit less nervous...i got some laughs and it felt even better...maybe not everything I said made sense but I didn't care...finally the last joke...a few more laughs and lots of applause! YAY! It was finally over! I was calm again and relieved. 5 minutes flew by...mission accomplished! 

It's a lot of pressure to make people laugh...especially when you have to create that context and content. Comedians are kinda like funny storytellers. Am I a comedian, HELL NO! but am I happy to have done this, HELL YES! LOL

On to the next...and final week!

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