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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

I wanna bang on the drum all day!!!

Okay so sitting by myself outside playing a djembe I haven't played in years...in the cold...waiting for people to toss me some change...not so appealing. But doing it to raise some cash for a great cause like Youth QUEST Central (www.myrinc.com)...ABSOLUTELY!

I had a fantastic cheering squad consisting of Denise and Annie from YQC...along with my parents who were awesome of course and my 9 month pregnant best friend Lucy! How can I go wrong with a team like that?!?! It was a bit chilly but thankfully the wonderfully warm sun was out and keeping us warm! Cars were driving by..some stopped to give money. One woman along gave $40!!!! We got a lot of honking and it was great to have Sara with the C103 cruiser there too. People from across the street in the Blue Cross building were watching...and I'm sure we got some curious ones from City Hall too. Main goal...get money and raise awareness about an outreach program that is doing great things for our homeless youth in our city. If you want to donate food, clothes, sporting goods, movies, video games, blankets, shoes..pretty much anything...give them a call or drop by in the afternoon...869-6355 or 199 St George Street (Old Fire Hall between Robinson and Lutz)

THANK YOU to all who donated and who put up with my drumming...LOL..I'll work on it!!

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