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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

25 strangers

Challenge today took a few skills. That of convincing and time management because not everyone was going to wait around for me to find 25 people. Arriving at the mall, i was snowing and the parking lot was nowhere from being full. As I walk into the mall and look around the food court, I notice that it is incredibly empty. I begin to worry because if one in 3 people say no, this could end up being a long process! I walk around waiting for Sara to arrive and begin to get worried.

As soon as she arrives I give her my jacket and start approaching (and sometimes surprising!) everyone. Some people say no either because they aren't interested or because they are leaving. some people say yes but can't stay too long...so if they leave, that means I have to find someone to replace them. Surprisingly, only one person asked for a cut of my winnings! Well, lets just say that he got an earful! hahaha...poor guy, but at least he posed for the picture!

Once I got about 20 or so I got them to gather and finally re-counted...21...4 more! ran around a bit more to the closest people...finally 25!!! I felt so rushed because I was so conscious that people were waiting for me and if I lost them, I would have to work even harder at finding people to replace them, and the mall certainly wasn't getting any fuller.

Everyone was such a good sport and about half of them had heard of the contest which made it a bit easier to explain as well.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!!! You were all awesome! Your contribution was greatly appreciated!

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