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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Itsy bitsy Rosie...I THINK NOT!

So I did this contest to face some fears and insecurities...and this was definitely a fear. Not only was it a spider, but a Tarantula no less! When I saw Bernie from the Magnetic Hill Zoo take out that creepy crawly creature out of the box...it totally freaked me out. And where did I run to..Taiter!! LOL...who was more scared then I was!! Not too bright on my part eh?

So I was trying to rationalize this in my head...I have clothing on...not like it weighs a lot so I'll hardly feel it...and chances are, he won't crawl fast up my body..well, at least I hoped not. Maybe it would feel that I was uncomfortable and be unsure itself. So before I knew it, the couch was out and ready for me to get on...and Rosie was being placed on my leg. I get shivers just thinking of it...yuck! Just feeling it go up on my body...ever so slightly...then when it got on my shirt, I didn't feel it so I felt the need to look where it was at...but next thing I knew it was over. 103 seconds really went by fast...but I felt spider on my leg all day...LOL

Still don't like spiders...but I'm that much closer to my goal

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