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Monday, 21 March 2011

Small dip in the...FREEZING DUNK TANK!

One of my biggest regrets was not joining the group of youth I was working with in Vancouver when they decided to do the polar bear swim at the beach on January 1st in 2004. There was a big group of them, and there were thousands of people at the beach, many of which were in costumes! SO entertaining. Instead of participating, i was the photographer. I played it safe. Didn't take the "plunge"! hahaha...and after mentioning it when meeting with the Breakfast Club, I quickly realized they just might make me do it...and there you go!

The whole point of this jump is the adrenaline rush and the sense of renewal...start of fresh for the new year ahead. Well, I guess I was going to do my dunk on March 16th instead...much better weather! hahaha As we visited the tank, I noticed how much snow Ernie so graciously added to the water. (Boy was I glad there were NO REAL JELLYFISH!!!) I felt the water and chills went through my entire body...but I also realized I had to do it. No more regrets...just jump! So I did. And it was cold as all hell..but it was AWESOME. LOL...I was so tired from a rough night up with my son, but this got my day off perfectly! So happy I got to do this...even though it was incredibly cold! :-) Cause really, the only thing holding me back was going to feel cold and it really wasn't that bad...so worth it!

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