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Monday, 21 March 2011


What is it about hair that has us women all in a tuffle? What is truly our attachment to our hair? We dye it, curl it, straightened it, cut it in all sorts of styles, put it up, leave it down, half way up, crimped, plain, styled, hairspray, gel, antifrizz product, smelly shampoo, expensive shampoo, pomade, mousse and the list goes on. Some women wouldn't hesitate to shave their heads for money, but SO MANY women wouldn't even consider it...EVER! So what is our attachment to hair? For men, some are attached, others not so much. Some men embrace their baldness, others cringe at it. But seriously look at the fact that people in the world, such as these men and people who have treatments for their cancer, in which situation they just can't help it. How do they deal with it? Do they just say, it's the treatment, no big deal, it will grow back...or does part of them suffer because of it. What is my identity with my hair? A few years ago I decided to stop dying it because I could no longer find a good reason to spend the money to do it...if I go grey, I will embrace it! I will choose to love the color of my hair...and just get nice haircuts that I love. But this challenge asked me to go to a new level...shave it all off. I was shocked, and immediately thought about how long it would take to grow to a decent stylable length. (answer: MONTHS! lol) but then I got to thinking, it's just hair and it is my last challenge to $10 000. Now, since I got the weekend to think about it...this gave people ample opportunity to bombard me with questions and comments...which were all very much appreciated. And it just gave me more reasons to go through with it...and it became so much more then just the final challenge and $2000...it became a message.

Essentially, hair is just hair. I'm still myself, I'm still a woman..and you know what? It grows back...and I'm sexy as hell!!! :-)

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